Saturday, June 17, 2006

Misplaced priority

In a move tantamount to a declaration of war, President Macapagal-Arroyo yesterday committed billions of pesos in funds to fight the 37-year-old communist insurgency with guns and development projects.

MalacaƱang officials indicated their timetable called for defeating the insurgency in the “critical areas” in one to two years.

The earlier military timetable for stamping out the insurgency within 10 years was “too long,” Ms Arroyo said in a visit to Isabela province, where she held the first of four meetings with regional leaders to discuss so-called “mega-development plans.” []

Uhm... wala na nga sigurong kakulangan sa mga classrooms kaya ganun kalaki na lang ang inilalaan para sa mga gamit pangmilitar? Haaayy..


  1. One billion-peso fund to fight the insurgeny (the longest running in Asia) is the price we have to pay for having internal strife for many decades now. This is the only country we live and love, and yet we can't keep our acts together to move forward and be progressive. Internal strife will always be there, for as long as both parties never talk, and never build confidence for each other.

    The sum could have been diverted to some other socio-economic activities had we not have this kind of problem that cost so much lives, and money.

    Tsk, tsk, o Philippines! When can you ever have united sons and daughters working hard for the betterment of all?

  2. insurgency problem is deeply rooted in poverty. it is deeply rooted in the system of our society which tolerates oppression.
    unless we were born just yesterday, we may think that military solution will indeed solve the insurgency problem. it's like using gasoline instead of water against a burning house, methinks. gudlak na lang sa target na 2 yrs ni GMA..

  3. siguradong mapupunta sa mga corrupt generals ang 1-B fund...