Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I've got a lot of friends who joined Francswiss by investing a minimum of US$ 1,000 each with the end in view of earning daily interest income of 4.5%, US$ 100 referral fee and a 10% commission from investment of their downlines, etc.

Downlines. Yup, it's networking. But unlike First Quadrant which I joined before, it doesnt have shoe products as front. They say it's a High Yielding Investment Program. Whatever that means.

I regret joining First Quadrant. I was desperate to earn more and I was lured of an instant income back then. I earned a bit from First Quadrant. Unfortunately, I have recruits who were not able to recover their investment from First Quadrant. I am not proud of it.

Is Francswiss legal? Is it a legitimate investment program. I don't know. But just the same, I have nothing against those who joined Francswiss. After all, they've invested at their own risk and its their own money. So far, my friends are happy with the result of their investment. They are also aware that it may fold anytime. As they say, the world belongs to the risk taker.

How can francswiss afford to pay that much? Those who joined with Francswiss will have a quick answer for you. Fransswiss is managing the fund by investing it in stocks, forex and other high yield investment program, etc. The referral fee and the 10% interest for donwlines' investment being paid to uplines is not an actual money. It's in a form of e-points which they may invest and or sell to those who need it. But methinks that the investment portion (if it's true) is just secondary. In my opinion, as long as there are people joining or investing with Franncswiss, it will always be able to pay its investors. That is how "networking" business normally operates.

In effect, the daily income they receive is actually coming from new recruits' hard earned money down the line. And there is a chance that new recruits may not be able to recover their money. They may be aware of the rsik and all, but just the same I dont want to be part of this easy money scheme.

It's final. I'm not joining Francswiss.

Wala kasi akong pera.


  1. Hmmnn....might be another reinvented pyramid scheme. as the saying goes, "if it's too good to be true...". ingat, ingat!

  2. nagkatotoo na nga, Ka Pepe