Sunday, February 10, 2008

Jollibee sucks?

What will you do if you were served with spoiled gravy for your chicken joy?

Well, this guy decided to make a blog.

Okay I know this is a blog so let me try make my long story short.

Yesterday morning we ate breakfast at Jollibee Emerald Ave. (Oritgas Center) branch and I ate a good portion of their spoiled gravy (yummy!!!) which even their crew won't even want to taste it. After some discussion, they admitted that somehow they forgot to wash/remove the old gravy (Wow is this what you call quality control?) and unfortunately it ended up on my plate (hey I'm getting hungry now).

And soon enough, another blogger commented on that blog to relate similar experience.

Hmmm... ilang bloggers kaya may mga kahalintulad na karanasan at nag-blog tungkol dito?

Pero si Pia ko, mas gusto pa rin sa Jollibee kesa sa Mcdo. :-)


  1. anong lasa? wahehe!
    pandagdag info, lahat ng jollibee branch may langaw!

  2. Anong lasa? Itanong mo kay Ethan. hehe! Ang dami nya raw nakain kaya asar na asar sya. hehe!

  3. I once read that the Internet is the great equalizer. If you feel you're already being bullied, you only have the net to fall back to.