Monday, February 25, 2008

Panlilio for President?

Betweeen Noli and Fr. Ed? Pwede na rin siguro. hehe!

MANILA, February 20, 2008— Pampanga Governor Eddie Panlilio said he would consider his plans to run for the presidential election in 2010, if the situation demands.

Speaking exclusively with CBCP news recently in Manila, he said he would keep his options open for 2010 presidential election, provided the circumstances of the country require.

Media, political parties, political pundits and others have started already to speculate who would be suitable for the county’s highest post. “But it is premature to speculate about it now, since (there are) two more years to go,” he said.

Panlilio, the first-priest governor of Pampanga province and the country, said he is not worried much about 2010 presidential elections. At the moment, he is concentrating how to work hard for good governance and responsible citizenship in the province with the cooperation with various sectors.

The change of the political scenario of the country the need of the hour, he added.

Addressing the University of Santo Tomas Central Commission on Elections, Panlilio said Philippine society is not made up of highly trained and conscientious citizenry.

A generation of practice and an enduring state of poverty has made patronage not only socially acceptable, but even an unwritten law that must be followed by every person in office, if only to cling to power, he said.

Political patronage has made king makers out of gambling lords, and has trampled upon with impunity a desired meritocracy in civil service. It has corrupted honest men, and has disillusioned the idealist, said the Pampanga governor who is a suspended Catholic priest. (Santosh Digal)[CBCPNews]

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