Thursday, February 21, 2008

Running out of Funds? You don't need Mr. Gaite!

It isn't always that there will be a Mr. Gaite who will suddenly give you P 500,000.00 in time of your need. And not everybody is as lucky as Mr. Lozada to receive such a gift.
"With regard to the P500,000 that I extended to him [Rodolfo] through his brother Owe Lozada, the same was made upon Jun’s instance, after he had texted (sic) me that it was so cold where he was, with not even a proper winter clothing and running out of funds," Mr. Gaite said.[Inquirer.Net]

A good samaritan like Mr. Gaite is a rare find. I just can't help but wonder, where did not money come from? But that's another story.

So what options do you have if you suddenly find yourself in need of cash? You'll probably look for payday loans facility to address your monetary emergencies. And most likely you would want a quick processing.

The Perfect Cash Advance is the answer to your need! This payday loan is a cash advance service wherein you can process in 3 simple steps.

  • Simply Complete the Application form (100% online)

  • You will receive the loan approval shortly after submission

  • Get your cash advance the next business day

  • Whether it's from Mr. Gaite or from this loan facility, both are subject to approval. The first is, I think, subject to Malacanang's approval while the other is based on your credit history. So if you're running out of funds, you always have a choice!

    Does anybody know Mr. Gaite's mobile number? I might go to Hong Kong, too, and I need some shopping money! :-)


    1. paki-forward naren ng mobile number ni Gaite.. hehe.. mai-text nga, nauubusan narin ako ng allowance..


    2. wehehe! pag nahagilap ko number sige forward ko sayo. :-)