Sunday, September 28, 2008

Google Money

google money

I got my adsense payment amounting to US$162.89 from Western Union this morning. This is so far the highest pay out I received from adsense.

I don't get a monthly payment yet, the amount I received this morning was my combined income for the months of July and August. But as of this writing, I already have US$93.00 earned for the month of September. If I make at least US$3/day for the next three days, this will be the first time that I'll make US$100 in one month, which is the minimum payout. If that happened, I'll have another payment next month! Yahoo! Google! LOL

So where does my google money go?

My adense income normally goes to my dollar savings account. But this Wednesday, I'll bring Pia to Manila Ocean Park so I'll use some of it. When Pia and I watched Dora the Explorer, I also used some google money. And that is why I enjoy making money online. :-)


  1. Laki ng payout ah... Nakuha mo na pala, di ko pa nakuha ung skin. Naka 100 ka na this month? Lufet.. Go go go

  2. potrax! bakit ako hindi ganyan ang payout????

  3. Congratulations! Pahingi naman! Hehe. Hindi tayo nagkakasulatan, ano? Pero maraming salamat sa palaging pagli-link sa akin! At mula iyan sa isang nagfi-feeling Batangueno! Hehe.