Friday, October 10, 2008

The Galoc Oil Field in Palawan

The Galoc Oil Field in Palawan is now producing oil, Malacanang announced yesterday. According to Sec. Ermita, the President described the oil from the Galoc field in Palawan as “light, medium crude oil, with a potential high yield of light ends, such as gasoline.”
Oil from the Galoc fields off Palawan started flowing yesterday, signaling the first step toward energy self-sufficiency for the Philippines.

MalacaƱang made the announcement as officials stressed the oil find would be used for domestic consumption to help reduce the country’s dependence on imported fuel.

“The President is pleased to announce, as reported by Energy Secretary Angelo Reyes, the extraction of fresh oil from the Galoc oil field in the northwest offshore of Palawan at 10:45 a.m. (yesterday),” Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita told a news conference at MalacaƱang. []
The Galoc oil field in Palawan is managed by a consortium of foreign and Philippine companies called Galoc Production Co. Otto Energy Limited of Perth, Australia has a 31.28 percent stake in the consortium.


  1. This is inded good news for the Philippines, let's just hope the benefits will trickle down to the poor.

  2. indeed a very positive news not only for the people of palawan but for the entire country . Please let this be the beginning of rising of the Philippine economy and regain the throne of being the best in asia.

  3. Let's hope for the best :-)