Saturday, October 04, 2008

Guerilla Bloggers' Ebook

I have just finished reading Atty. Diaz and Marhgil's Guerilla Bloggers' Ebook. Reading this book reminds me of those books written by Mao Zedong that I have read when I was in college. I was a student activist back then but that didn't make me a guerilla fighter in the countrysides. However, I am now a guerilla blogger. LOL

Since I'm a regular visitor of Marhgil's blog and that the book is basically a consolidated and organized posts from both of their blogs, most of the strategies outlined on the book are not new to me. But this I have to say. If you are a newbie blogger and wants to make money online, this book will definitely help you a lot. Download it, read it and apply it on your blog.

My Canada Visa blog is a proof that guerilla blogging works.

Here's the blog stats of my Canada Visa blog yesterday showing traffic sources and page views.

traffic sources
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As you will see, most of my traffic sources (70%) came from search engine. I have a total of 805 unique visitors yesterday and that resulted to a US$ 9.83 adsense income. My average adsense income is only US$3/day. How did that happen?

The other night, there was a news on local television channel featuring the 10,000 filipino workers needed in Alberta, Canada. I didn't see on TV but I saw a Philippine Star headline about it from a news stand while waiting for my bus ride to office the following morning. Upon arriving at the office, I searched for the news and related information then blogged about it. Using the guerilla blogging techniques outlined on the book, the blog post I made placed well in search engine results page. Most of the time it ranks No. 1, depending on the key words used. It also helped that several months ago, I have optimized for the keyword POEA Canada.

Aside from the adsense income, that blog also helps bring me clients for my Immigration Consulting Business. That's were the real income is. hehe!

So what are you waiting for? Download Guerilla Bloggers' Ebook now. It will help you make money online. I should know. Don't worry, it's free. And this is not a paid post. hehe!


  1. Hi There ! Thanks for helping us promote our ebook. More power to your blog and happy guerilla blogging :-)

  2. Hello po kuya ahehe. care to xchange links? yan e kung gusto nyo lang nman po kung ayaw nyo nde po pde ahehe. Thanks in advance!

  3. kuya change mo naman url ko sa list mo

  4. Maraming salamat din sa FREE ebook, Atty Diaz!

    Sige lang Jerson, exchange link tayo. hehe! Let me know kapag na link mo na ako. Salamat sa pagbisita! :-)

    Ok po, anonymous girl. :-)

  5. Thanks for the link for the e-book, i-try ko nga if it works for me