Sunday, November 30, 2008

Making Money With Chitika Premium Ads

Since I placed chitika premium ads on my other blog some time last month, it was only today that I checked my account again. This is what prompted me log on to my chitika account-

chitika premium ads payment
I was actually surprised to receive an email from paypal informing me about payment I received from Chitika. The $12.08 that I received represents my October 2008 revenue share. It's not as big like what I make with adsense ads but it's good enough for me. :-)

Chitika premium ads display only to search engine traffic from the US and Canada. If you have this type of traffic, then you'll make money from it, too! It has ads for any type of content such as automotive, finance, health, consumer electronics, news, sports, travel etc.

Interested? Just click the banner below to create an account!

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