Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm back!

The month of March is almost over and I just realized that for the first quarter of 2009, this is just my 2nd entry for this blog. Boy was I really busy with work. But before my 2 avid readers totally ditch this blog from their reading lists, I figured I have to update this blog somehow. I also don't want Entrecard to kick this blog out of the program for being inactive. hehe!

So here are some updates.

Pia got sick 1st week of March and was almost confined due to diarrhea. And just last week, she complained of head ache, stomach ache and had on and off fever. Got her tested for dengue and fortunately it was negative. But she's ok now. School is almost over and we're planning a summer trip to Bohol.

I visited my Alma Mater on March 15, 2009 for our Annual Alumni Homecoming. As you may already know, I'm a proud graduate of the Sisters of Mary School. It always feels good to be back to a place you consider your home.

alumni homecoming

An officemate offered free accommodation at a beach resort in Subic owned by her cousin. And so to Subic off we go. We also went to Zoobic Safari and had a close encounter with tigers. Will write about it if I find time. Pictures are here.

tiger safari

I bought a new domain name for my NZ Immigration blog. I hope to double my adsense income with the addition of this new blog. With the current global financial crisis, the more it is important to have additional income streams. :-)


  1. aba buhay ka pa pala hahahaha

    Buti naman at okay na si Pia.

  2. hay buti na lang kuya nag update ka ulit ng blog mo kala ko kung napano ka na..

  3. buhay na buhay pa, Tito Rolly! :-)

    Naku, kaya nga ba nagpilit ako at mag update eh. Baka kako nag-aalala ka na. :-) Musta?