Friday, April 24, 2009

Chairman Mong goes to Congress!

First heard about this news from Tonyo.

The recent Supreme Court decision permitting the addition of 32 new party list representatives in the House of Representatives will make Raymond "Mong" Palatino the first Filipino blogger to make it to Congress.

Kabataan Party, the party list goup representing the youth, is among party list groups identified by the Supreme Court entitled for seats in congress.

The decision, in effect, paved the way for the representation of 19 more party-list groups by 32 additional House representatives from the present 17 party-list groups with 23 representatives.

The additional party-list groups include FPJPM, Uni-Mad, ABS, Kakusa, Kabataan, Aba-ako, Alif, Senior Citizens, AT, Veterans’ Federation of the Philippines, Anad, Banat, Ang Kasangga, Bantay, Abakada, 1-Utak and the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines.[Source]

Mong is the first nominee of Kabataan Party. He blogs at Mongster Nest.

Congrats, Chairman Mong!

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