Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jun Lozada was arrested!

It's payback time.

I was in Pangasinan yesterday when I learned about the arrest of Lozada through twitter.

Surrounded by supporters, Lozada was arrested on perjury charges on the strength of a warrant issued by a Manila judge, just one of his 16 legal battles since he blew the whistle on the scrapped National Broadband Network-ZTE deal more than a year ago.

He told a Senate probe last year that the $329-million deal between the government and China’s ZTE Corp. was overpriced by $130 million, way beyond the normal ceilings, to accommodate hefty commissions.

The warrant was based on the charges filed by former Presidential Chief of Staff Mike Defensor.[Source]

It isn't the first time that a whistle blower exposing corruption in the government was treated that way. Remember Acsa Ramirez? Chavit Singson is of course luckier. :-)

Now, with the news about swine flu, Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton's match and Judy Ann Santos' wedding, who will talk about Jun Lozada? But that is not to say that there's a conspiracy there albeit the involvement of Mike Defensor. :-)

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