Saturday, July 18, 2009

Crawl error: Not Found - ps/rpc_relay.html

I was trying to figure why one of my blog entry from another blog was suddenly dropped from SERPs, when I found out about this error: /ps/rpc_relay.html. A URL attached to my domain name which I did not create and have no idea where it came from.

Thinking that it's the culprit, I used google serach to look for more information.

There's not much information about in the internet, it must be new. I found an answer from Google Friend Connect-
This file is necessary for your followers widget to work... I wouldn;t be too worried about it though since it won't effect how others interact with your blog.

So it may not be the answer to my problem. But just the same, an error is an error is an error. It needs to be fixed. But how?

Do you have ps/rpc_relay.html error, too? Care to share how you fixed it?


  1. I have the same issue and although I don't have the answer, this is what I have found:

    a.) I only seem to see posts after mid June 2009 with this issue (make of that what you want)
    b.) The HTML DOES NOT appear in "HTML Edit" mode, even with the box for " Expand Widget Templates" checked - this makes me thing you cannot remove it manually.
    c.) I have had this issue in a blog before - I fixed it by removing the "followers" gadget (I hope that works for you)
    d.) Now I have this issue again in another blog - without the "follower" gadget... I have tried new templates, reverting to original etc etc. really messed up my blog, but still no joy :-(

    So I hope that it is just a temporary glitch in the Blogger engine, rather than a perminent incompatibility between Google and Blogger.

  2. Lol... Oh yes, more and more forums are asking this question, but zero,zipo,ziltch answers apart from repremands that people post in the wrong forums... hahaha oh well... It's great talking to yourself! ;-)

  3. Thanks for the insights! But I don't have the follower gadget, this error is still a mystery.

  4. I have had the same error message, while I was looking for answers I ended up on your blog.

    Mind you, there havee been a lot of issues with Blogger lately.

  5. ^Were you able to fix the problem?

  6. I'm also have the same problem.. Don't know how to fix that.. I only seem to see posts after mid Aug 21 2009 with this issue . The last cached content of my site in google is also aug 21 .. I think both are related. But donno how to fix the problem...

  7. Looks like it's becoming a common problem now. Hope somebody points us to the solution. :-)

  8. I have the same problem in my blog

    I need some help!!!

  9. I got this issue after I changed to new domain.

    Looking for solution...

  10. I had the same problems on couple of my blogs and posted comments in the Friend Connect forums on Google, but did not get any response.

    Finally, I used the self-help option, spend some time on it and fixed it myself.

    I've posted the solution here:

    Blog Fixer's Diary

    Hope it helps.

  11. Hi there,

    I did that like 4 days ago and still no fixing from google. The last scann was a day ago si I have no idee what to do.

    Please advice!

  12. Hi Apol check with the blow link i hope this link can help you from crawl error..

  13. Here is the solution for your problem..