Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Microsoft-Yahoo Deal: Will it affect my Google Adsense Income?

The news about Microsoft-Yahoo deal was first reported a couple of years ago. I thought it was a dead issue but now it's in the news again. This time, it's official. Microsoft and Yahoo finally reached a deal!

NEW YORK ( -- Microsoft and Yahoo reached a long-awaited partnership Wednesday in a bid to challenge Google's dominance in online search.

Under the 10-year deal, searches on will be powered by Microsoft's new Bing search engine. Yahoo, in turn, will be responsible for attracting premium advertisers.

Will Microsoft-Yahoo deal hurt Google's advertising income? How will this affect Google's Adsense program? hmmm...


  1. Wow! Finally Microsoft has reached a deal Yahoo for an internet search partnership. Will the newly announced deal between giants Microsoft and Yahoo be a good thing? Got to wait and see. But atleast Microsoft and Yahoo deal is straightforward and not complex at all and ofcourse, the negotiation talks have been going for long. I was just curious to know all the past negotiations between Microsoft and Yahoo so collected all the articles and links (more than 200) related to the current merger and the previous events or negotiations between Microsoft and Yahoo. If you are interested check the link below.

  2. ddadmin, yes, let's hope that it will be a good thing. by that i mean,my google adsense will not be affected. I love google! LOL