Wednesday, August 05, 2009

How to Add Favicon on your Blogger Blogspot

Ever wonder how to add a favicon to your blogger blogspot?

To add a favicon on your blogger blogspot, there are two important components. First, you must create an image and save it as favicon.ico. Then you must find a web host to upload the image file that you have created.

The first problem there is how to create an .ico image file and then a web host to upload your file. Most free image hosting services do not support .ico file.

But there is an easy way to do it for FREE!

How to add favicon on your blogger blogspot.

1. First select an image less than 1MB in any format (GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF). What image to chose? Think about the image that represents your blog, sort of a brand.

How to Add Favicon on your Blogger Blogspot

For my Canada Visa blog, I used a maple leaf.

2. Use, a free favicon generator and hosting site, to convert and upload your image file.

3. Copy the code to be provided by and paste it on your template between the head tags.

And you're done!

But why bother add a favicon? It's all about branding and in effect it also boost traffic to your blog. Bluejar.Com provides 7 reasons why favicons increase your website traffic.

So go ahead. Add a favicon to your blogger blogspot! Let's just hope that IconJ.Com will be there forever to host our favicon. :-)

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