Thursday, August 20, 2009

Making Money With Adbrite

I have just received my first check from Adbrite! Now, I can finally say that making money with Adbrite is not a scam! Adbrite is legitimate and really pays its publishers. :-)

Making Money With Adbrite

Unlike Adsense, where you need to reach US$100 income before you get paid, Adbrite lets you decide what your minimum payout will be. I set mine at $50 and it took me 8 months before I reached it. Then it took another 2 months for payment processing before I finally received my check.

US$50 for almost one year and I'm happy?, you may ask. But why not? How long have you been playing with your Friendster and Facebook account? Did you make at least one cent? hehe!

In due time, I'll be making money monthly with Adbrite, too, like what I do now with Adsense.

Do you want to make money with Adbrite, too? Click here, to create your free account!


  1. Adbrite is not scam at all, but its not so good for publichers. Its payout per click is very low! But ofcourse its very good for the advertisers because they can get more clicks for pennies!

  2. Well, yeah, their pay is not as good like that of adsense. But still, that's just additional income stream. Thanks for the insight.