Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Philippines 2010 Election Campaign Has Begun

Philippines 2010 Election Campaign

You know that the Philippines 2010 Election campaign has started when you see an elected senator do unusual things.

I was on my way to SONA rally when I chanced upon Sen Mar Roxas, wet in the rain, helping the traffic enforcers do their job.

Philippines 2010 Election Campaign
What was he thinking? Does he want to prove that he is better than those trained traffic enforcers. Or maybe it's a sequel to that tasteless padyak political ad? I don't know.

But one thing is certain, it looks like he got what he wanted - publicity. In fact, I overheard a bystander while I'm taking these pictures said , "Yan ang presidente ko!" (That's my president!).

I wonder why our politicians resort to these kind of gimmicks just to get the vote. Is it because it's what the common tao wants? Or is it because it's the only thing that our politicians can think of?

I hope that for the Philippines 2010 Election, we will see a meaningful debate on the candidates' platforms rather than see a banana eating contest among them politicians. Malacanang, Senate and the House of Representatives were not built for the monkeys. Or was it?


  1. oh my!! that's really him!! anu kaya masasabi ng wife to be niyang si korina..

    husband and i decided not to vote on politicians who started running commercials or publicity ng ganito ka sobrang aga!! sorry na lng. two miss votes rin yun noh?! hahaha

  2. uy! sobrang may sense nga ang comment! LOL

    Oo, sya nag yan. At pakamay-kamay pa nga sa mga pasahero. Papansin talaga. !@#$%^&*(

  3. "kamusta?" - eto TAE pa rin!

    "6 ang kakain, pang 2 lang ang budget" - eh di sana di ka anak ng anak

    TRAPOng TRAPO amfosah..

    eh si villar? "akala mo seryoso, isa ring dakilang TRAPO"
    hanggang Yahoo Messenger at Facebook may ads sya nung akalamo.. akalamo ungas! wahehe

  4. Well, I agree with you there, "You know that the Philippines 2010 Election campaign has started when you see an elected senator do unusual things." and now I really feel the campaigning season. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. Keep posting!


  5. HAAYy.. ahaha

    talga nmn lahat
    gagawin ..

    dba nga!