Monday, December 21, 2009

Pia Won Math and Science Quiz Bee

During the Education Week Celebration last week at Pia's school, she participated in the Quiz Bee for Spelling, Math and Science. She lost in the Spelling but she was the Champion both in Science and Math! She brought home two medals!

Mah Wizard

No,she doesn't have an online math tutor,in case you're wondering. :-) She gets her math help from her great grandmother, who is a retired public school teacher.

Pia is currently enrolled in Prep School. Next school year, she will be in elementary school and soon, she she will be encountering more complex math problems. Eventually, she will be needing more math help.

Have you guys tried online math tutoring for your kids? How was it? Will you recommend it?

Math is Pia's favorite subject and she's really good at it. Hopefully, she won't lost the interest and eventually join the Philippine Math Olympiad. That will really make me a proud daddy! :-)

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