Friday, December 11, 2009

Traffic from 'Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt' Search

I have just checked my Google Analytics report for this blog and I found out that I'm getting a fair share of search traffic from Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt' keyword search.

Traffic from 'Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt' Search

I've been boycotting Nestle products for quite a time now. When Nestle used blogging to promote Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt, I tried to optimize that keyword with the end in view of exposing the condition of Nestle Workers, of the murder Ka Ding Fortuna.

Looks like I succeeded.

Because I blocked Nestle Ads from my Adsense account, I'm not making any money from the searh traffic generated by that post. But that's ok! Money isn't everything. ;-)

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