Sunday, January 10, 2010

Look who's talking

Manny Villar questioned Noynoy Aquino's capacity to implement reforms in the country if he is elected as President.

Noynoy fired back and asked Villar, “Where were you when push came to shove?”.

I can't help but react to Noynoy's questions for Villar.

“When push came to shove, where were you? What have you done? He says hindi siya mapang-away na tao (he’s not a person, who easily takes up fights) but when you see the abuses in the system, does it not make you want to stand up and say enough is enough?”

The real question should be where was Nonoy during those times that the people are pushing for GMA's impeachment? Was he in the forefront? I know his mother was. But not Noynoy.

“How can we be sure that when you’re the one already in the leadership position, you’ll also do what your colleagues did?”

Noynoy, how can we be so sure that you will be like Cory and Ninoy? Even in your Christmas message you are banking on the legacy of your mother. When will you ever speak for yourself?

At least Manny Villar has Sipag at Tyaga. What about you, Nanay at Tatay ko?

“When you see that there is oppression and you do nothing, you are in effect also supporting that oppressive system,”

Exactly. Hello Hacienda Luisita massacre!

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