Sunday, May 09, 2010

Leaving Mad House

In a month or two, we'll be moving out of our rented apartment. The one I'm sharing with fellow graduates from The Sisters of Mary School and the one we've grown accustomed to calling Mad House and lovingly stayed in for over three years.

The owner initially promised that our unit will be renovated and we were to be transferred temporarily on the adjacent unit. However, he had a changed of heart. With the contract not renewed this year, we have no choice but look for a new place.

Aside from looking for our next home, we are also in need of movers for our things, furniture and everything much like the New York movers. They are companies that help people or businesses bring in their stuff into that famous city with ease.

Where as the internet can be used to search for New York moving companies, unfortunately, that isn't the case yet in here. We are left to ask for referrals, newspaper ads, or worse, postings on walls or electrical posts.

Its hard to leave a place you called home. Bringing in your stuff to transfer makes it all the more inconvenient. It's funny that moving to New York with your things appears a lot easier than us moving to our next apartment, with our things in tow, to the next Barangay.

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