Monday, May 10, 2010

My Philippines 2010 Election Experience

I went home to Cuenca Batangas yesterday for two reasons. First, I treated my mom to dinner and bought her new phone. My Mother's Day Gift to her.

Second, I'm a registered voter there and today is the election day. After three and a half hours waiting, I was able to successfully cast my vote. Philippines 2010 Election is historic because it's the first time that an Automated Election System is used. I just hope that my vote will be counted properly. :-)

My 2010 Philippines Election Experience
My precinct is located at Cuenca Central School where I finished elementary school.

My 2010 Philippines Election Experience

I arrived in the school around 7.30am and I already saw a long line of voters waiting for their turn to cast their votes. A PCOS machines was reported to have malfunctioned but was fixed right away.

My 2010 Philippines Election Experience

It took me about three and a half hours before I finally got hold of my ballot and voted for the following:

Manny Villar for President
Jejomar Binay for Vice President

For Senators, I voted only 4. My theory is that if I want these people win, I shouldn't add votes to other candidates by completing the 12 slots. I told my mom and Sister to the same. They are:

Satur Ocampo
Liza Maza
Adel Tamano
Pia Cayetano

For Partylist, my vote went to Kabataan. My sister voted for Gabriela while my mom voted for Bayan Muna. We are Natdems like that. :-)

With an Automated Election System, Philippines 2010 Election Results should be finalized within 48 hours.

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