Saturday, November 06, 2010

Mangan Tila! | My Daily Food Adventures Blog

I've got a new blog, a food blog - Mangan Tila!

Mangan Tila

The blog is about, well, my daily food adventures.

Whenever and whatever I eat, I often take pictures of my food and in the process accumulated lots of food images. I do that with the end in view of blogging about it. But because of busy schedule, I seldom do the blog entries.

Now, with the new food blog and blogger's email posting, I will be able to post the pictures immediately after taking them using my blackberry. Let's see how it goes.

Am I going to monetize my new food blog? You bet I will! hehe! But for now, I'll try first to get it indexed by Google.

If you're a food blogger looking for exchange links, you know what to do. :-) You don't know? Ok. Link Mangan Tila! ( to your blog and I will link your blog here at Apol the Great's Journal using the text and url you prefer. Deal? Now hit that comment button and leave your your link details after you link Mangan Tila. Let's go! :-)

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