Friday, December 10, 2010

iPad Officiial Launching in the Philippines

The Mega Exchange store at Mall of Asia sells iPad 16gb (wifi only) for only P26,000. That's for one time cash payment. No zero interest installment plan for credit cards. If you buy it using credit card on a 12-month installment plan, the total cost would be P29,900. Was bout to buy one yesterday night but decided to just wait for the official launching of iPad in the Philippines.

Setsu may be right, the price could still go down after the official launching. According to some tech blogs I've read, iPad will be officially launched in the Philippines on December 13, 2010. Will just wait for it.

Another factor that made me decide to delay buying is because of the warranty offered by Mega Exchange - 6 months and for service only. It doesn't sound so good. The Chicken Enchilada we had at Mexicali yesterday night while talking about the iPad launching was good! :-)

I can't wait for the official launching of iPad in the Philippines!

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