Friday, April 29, 2011

Home Lighting & Moving Out, Moving In Woes

We recently had no choice but to move out of our apartment. Termites have long established its colonies within the wood structures of that unit and it is only now that the owner finally decided to have it renovated.

We were offered a nearby unit that is smaller in size which we accepted after renegotiating a lesser monthly rental fee.

One of the first discomforts we initially encountered in our new apartment is installing a light bulb over the stairs. The location is in the middle and hard to reach. Floor lamps might be more suitable and might enhance that part of the house.

Our new apartment seemed designed for less use of appliances. Each room has only one electrical socket, allowing only two appliance to be plugged good enough for each of our electric fans and laptops . We had a hard time deciding to ditch our table lamps or risk tripping with extension chords.  We're geeting ideas from LampClick.Com

Home lighting is just among the many discomforts we had to endure by our transfer. But we are ready to look beyond that and the ensuing period of adjustment.

We really loved our current location. It is a common point to our workplaces. It is within the vicinity of vital establishments such as the wet market, public transport terminals, hospitals, utility offices and the likes.

After all in real estate and in business, its location, location & location.

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