Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tourist Destination in the Philippines | Pilipinas, Tara na!

Watching the Byahe na Tayo Video and Lyrics reminds me of the beautiful places in the Philippines that I have visited so far and motivates me to visit other places that I have yet to see.

Here are some of the tourist destinations in the Philippines that I have visited so far:

Cagsawa Ruins Park - Legazpi City
Coron - Palawan
Tam-awan Village - Benguet
Baguio City - Benguet

I also used to join mountaineering activities and have climed some mountains in Luzon.

Nogas Island - Antique
Sira-an Hot Spring - Antique
Roxas City - Capiz
Chocolate Hills - Bohol
Panglao Isaland - Bohol
Boracay - Caticlan

I'v been to Cebu City for business trips. I hope to visit Cebu City again soon.

Davao City is the only place I have visited in Mindanao so far. I've been there for several times already but mainly for business trips. I plan to visit Davao City this year again for a short vacation.

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  1. I definitely agree with that. It will be awesome if we will have the chance to visit all those places mentioned in the song.