Wednesday, November 23, 2011

To Rent a Car or Not To, That is the Question

Going to my seminars via a rented car is the next best thing to owning one for myself. I'm sure there's a plus-factor reputation-wise if attendees will see me drive to and fro at the venue inside a car.

My assumption of high expense in renting a car is the only thing that stops me from doing so. Other than that, there are merits that really works on my favor.

Weekend car rentals, for instance. Most of my out of town seminars are scheduled during the weekends. It is that same time of the week when passsengers going to their respective provinces almost doubles in number. It's a nice thought not having to fall in line in securing bus tickets.

Holiday car rentals, on the other hand, promises to offer wide open highways and road almost exclusively to yourself.

All in all renting a car affords me the chance to easily fetch my daughter Sophia and bring her to fun places for a father-and-daughter bonding whenever my seminars are north of Luzon.

I had a friend with car rental contacts but he is currently in Columbia. That is why I will only be relying online in finding affordable car rental rates just like It has partnered with car rentals agencies all over the US and World to bring all the best car rental rates for you to compare. It also also made it easy to compare its prices to Priceline and Expedia, so their users know where to find the best price.

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  1. Renting a car is often less expensive than owning one, too. Great article!