Sunday, December 11, 2011

Less Atty. Topacio on TV Please!

Yes, I do not like Congresswoman Gloria Arroyo just like many other Filipinos. She is very much compelled to get likable people on her camp. For me, Atty. Ferdinand Topacio, doesn’t help CGMA in that aspect.

Somebody give Atty. Ferdinand Topacio an Endotrex supplement or something. The guy has hogged the news telecast left and right for almost a month now. And the guy couldn't help himself being hyper during interviews, not to mention an air of braggadocio.

I’m sure at some point you have felt a certain dislike of someone even though he or she has done nothing wrong directly and specifically to you? That’s what I feel for CGMA. More so now, because one of her legal counsels, Atty. Ferdinand Topacio kinda irritates me. I can’t help it. I just do not like the guy. Frankly, I prefer seeing CGMA’s official spokesperson, Elena Horn.

Waah! I pray media people would prefer to interview her about CGMA’s concern than Atty. Topacio.

I'm sorry but I feel that the delay of CGMA's transfer to VMMC serves their camp just right. For goodness sake! Why do they have the gall to get irritated for the delay when they themselves fought against the transfer in the first place?

I also agree with the DILG Sec. Jessie Robredo that waiting inside St. Luke's Medical Center isn't the worst place to be in even if they woke up and packed up early.

On second thought, the delay has given Atty. Topacio more opportunity to speak up and more air time than to my liking. I smell political ambition for his over-eagerness in defending his client. Other CGMA counsels look more professional and lawyer-like.

Really, I do not watch local TV much. It certainly is never entertaining when you flip channels and see the same guy being interviewed. It’s worse when he is also shown during flash reports in between TV programs. Grrrh! Getting this Atty. Topacio on the few times I switch on to local channels, gives me more reason to stick to cable channels.

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