Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Got a New Blogger Template

Welcome to the new apolthegreat.blogspot.com! I've got a new blogger template!

Not a big deal really. I just decided to change my blog template after I noticed that the images used in my previous template already exceeded the bandwith limit set by Picasa. That's the problem without your own paid hosting server. hehe!

new blogger template
. Now, here's the thing. I lost my blog links in the process of changing my blogger template. If we have an exchange link arrangement and your link should be here, please hit the comment button.

For my blogging friends, you don't have to ask, your links will be here again in no time.

There are many free blogger templates available in the net but I decided to get one from Blogger itself. It just need some minor blogger tricks and I think this will be ok. I just hope that this new blogger template would help increase my Adsense Income. Got a few trips scheduled in the coming months and I need more Google Money. :-)

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