Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Are you covered?

Every weekend, I am conducting orientation for applicants who are interested to live and work in Canada. Part of the presentation deals about the importance of investing in insurance. Every time I ask who among them have investment in insurance plan, I always get the same result: majority of them don't have one. Is it because of the bahala na mentality? Misplaced priority? I dont know. And if asked what type of investment they have, it appears that most of them prioritize investing in life insurance and other pre-needs plan over medical insurance.

I know of a client who invested in pension plan, paid the premium for 4 years and later pre-terminated the plan because he could no longer afford it due to the prolonged sickness of his son. And what did he get? A minimal cash surrender value. Had he invested in medical insurance for his family, it would have been better.

If one is interested to invest in insurance, getting insurance quote is just a click away using EZ Insurance Portal. I'm not sure though if we have one like this in the Philippines.

I've got my pension plan and educational plan for Pia thru my friend, who is working as a part-time insurance agent. But after a year, I terminated the educational plan because I figured there are more and better lucrative investment than educational plan. I also have a free medical insurance courtesy of my employer. And because I know the importance of having a medical insurance, I got one for Pia and Setsu, too. When Pia was hospitalized a couple of years ago, I never had a problem with hospital bills because she's covered. But if I would have a choice, I would rather not using my insurance plan than seeing my daughter in a hospital be. :-)

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