Thursday, February 21, 2008

A car for me this year?

I don't have a car yet. But if everything will work according to my plan, I think I'll be able to get one this year. I hope.

Although most of my friends bought their cars using a financing scheme, I am still reluctant in availing auto loan programs. What I don't to happen is that in the end, I'll lose my car because of default in payments.

But when I'm ready, I'll find the best auto loan rate before making any decision.

I think I'll settle for a second hand car first.

My friend, Jay, bought a brand new Nissan Sentra few years ago and he's now almost done with the financing. He said that it is best to buy a brand new car and that I should not settle for a second hand car. In the end, according to him, it will be more costly to maintain a second hand car.

While I totally agree with him, I might still settle for a second hand car and I'll rather pay it in cash. But just the same, whether a brand new car or a used car, there a lot of auto loan programs available to chose from.

Good luck to me! :-)

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  1. Goodluck Apol! I hope you get the best deal and end up with a very dependable car. When you start driving your own car, the sense of freedom it gives is absolutely delicious!