Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm starting to make money online

Although the money I earn from my blog is not as huge as what Abalos and the Arroyos allegedly made from ZTE deal and other scams, it looks like it will make my planned travel abroad with Pia possible. Sana. hehe!

So how do I make money from my blog?

Google Adsense. Since I started using adsense a couple of years ago, I already got two checks from Google. But not that much and it took time before I got a check because I never really bothered to optimize my blog. But this year, inspired by other bloggers who are really making it big, I started to optimize my blog and capitalized on my niche - Canada Visa. From Feb 1-17, 2008, I have already earned US$24.14.

Project Wonderful. Dito ako aliw na aliw. hehe! I experimented using it last week. Considering that I don't really have a good traffic, I'm not expecting to earn much from this. Nakakatuwa lang kapag nakikita mong may nag-aagawan sa adbox mo. hehe! Rigth now, I already have $0.58 income and I'm planning to use it to advertise my blogs. If you have a lot of subscribers, this is ideal for you. My Canada blog have 45 subscribers as of this writing. I started using this last month with only a couple of subscribers. Right now, I only have $$1.13.

Sponsored Posts. I only have two sponsored posts so far. From that, I made $18.

Text Link Ads. Nakikita nyo ba yung Recommended Websites sa side bar? Yun na yun. As of now, there is only one advertiser who bought a link from me and, I'm making $6/month for that link.

So there. While project wonderful is indeed wonderful, google adsense is still the KING. Para sa akin lang naman yun. hehe! Pero kung gustoo nyo talaga ng malaking kita, at di nyo naman kayang kumandidato gaya ni Gloria, may sa pang malakas pagkakitaan - magtayo kayo ng relihiyon. hehe!


  1. Galing talaga ha!! Your Canada blog is fantastic. Niched na niched at helpful talaga. Kaya naman ang laki ng kita agad! Galing talaga! Next time, ikaw naman ang manlilibre sa Delifrance. Hehehe.

  2. nawala yung ads sa project wonderful ko waaaaah!

  3. Thanks Toni! Sige kapag lumaki pa ang kita, manlilibre ako. hehe!

    Mari, ang liit naman kasi ng ad box mo. Mas ok yata yung 125x125. Sa akin din naman lulubog lilitaw ang ads dito. Pero doon sa canada blog ko, nag-aagawan sila. Ang saya! hehe!

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