Sunday, April 12, 2009

Baguio City Tour: Day 2

This is the 2nd installment of my three entries about my Baguio City Tour together with my friends, Rhea and Chippy.

Day 2: Friday, April 10, 2009

Breakfast at Mountain Lodge Baguio City
Before going to our first destination for the day, we had breakfast first at Mountain Lodge. The good thing about Mountain Lodge, aside from their friendly staff, is that it is just a few mintues ride away to most Baguio's tourist attractions: Botanical Garden, Wright Park, Mines View, etc. It is located just across Teachers' Camp

Botanical Garden Baguio City

At the entrance of Baguio Botanical Garden, there are elderly Igorot women (or women in Igorot costume?) who volunteer to have their pictures taken with you and ask for P10 talent fee after.

Baguio Arts Guild
Inside the Botanical Garden, there is an art gallery maintained by Baguio Arts Guild. For donation of any amount, they will make you a sketch in 10-15 minutes!

Wright Park Horseback riding baguio city
Wright Park is just a walking distance from Baguio Botanical Garden. So after our sketches were taken, we went there to experience horseback riding.

Visco's Baguio City
We checked out at Mountain Lodge around 12 noon and went to Session Road to look for a restaurant where to eat our lunch. We found Vizco's, a cake shop and restaurant. I ordered pesto pasta (spaghetti tossed with blended roasted garlic, basil, walnuts and parmesan cheese in olive oil) and protein supreme pizza (pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, bacon and mushrooms)! I will definitely eat again at Vizco's when I go back to Baguio!

Luccong House Tam-awan Village Baguio City
After our lunch, we took a cab and headed to Tam-awan Village, 20-25 minutes drive from Session Road. This is the Ifugao house where we stayed. It's called Luccong, an octagonal hut built for the upper class in Kalinga.

Tuyo Baguio City

This is how they serve tuyo at Tam-awan Village. It's on their breakfast menu but I requested it for my dinner. For P100, it is served with mountain rice, egg, shanghai and coffee.

We set up a bonfire at Dap-ay located in front of the Luccong hut. Dap-ay is the conference area where the elders discuss tribal issues. But in our case, it is where we had our dinner and wine tasting before we sleep.

Day 3: Strawberry Farm, Camp John Hay and Cafe by the Ruins

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