Sunday, November 08, 2009

Nicanor Perlas - The Practical Visionary

I'm impressed with this video about Nicanor Perlas. At least there's a Presidential wannabe who has got a clear program of action.

Now compare this video to Noynoys's Hindi Ka Nag-iisa MTV.

Nicanor Perlas' video shows his achievements and what he thinks the Philippines needs. But with Noynoy's video, all you can see are big stars supporting his candidacy. And Noynoy is supposedly the bearer of change? Wow.

For the Philippines 2010 Election, I am likely to vote for Nicanor Perlas.


  1. Hi Apol! Would you like to meet Nick Perlas? There will be a Dinner-forum on Nov 17,Tues 7pm, where he will be talking about Climate Change and a Green Presidency:
    SALU-SALO Para sa Pagbabago Series2 -- The Green Agenda: Understanding the Urgent Challenge of Climate Change in the Phils. #Perlas

    OCCI Learning Center, Ortigas Rd. (formerly Emerald Ave.). Please contact Mary Carl 09286250388


  2. I am thinking of giving my support to this man than my first choice, Noynoy.

  3. @Montalut, thanks for the invitation. But I already have a prior schedule. Will be watching DUKOT at UP Film Center that night. :-)

    @Jonelo, Wow! Why the sudden change?