Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Manila Zoo Revisited

Pia and I visited Manila Zoo again yesterday. If I remember it right, it's her third visit. She was only three years old when she first went there. That was three years ago.

Manila Zoo: Philippine Deer

Although there are some improvements in Manila Zoo, it is still in a sorry state as a whole. That's partly because of the zoo visitors' lack of discipline. For example, there's a wishing pond there with lots of garbage. You get my drift.

Manila Zoo: Wishing Pond

One improvement I saw is Kinder Zoo corner inside the Manila Zoo premises, where you can take unlimited pictures with a huge snake, baby crocodile and different kind of birds. There's also a mini zip line and wall climbing area for kids.

Manila Zoo: Kinder Zoo

To enter the Kinder Zoo, you need to pay another P40 entrance fee and additional P75 if you want to try their zip line and wall climbing. That's on top of the P40 you need to pay to enter the zoo. I could be wrong but I smell some irregularities there.

Manila Zoo: horseback riding

Another new activity to try at Manila Zoo is the horseback riding. It will cost you only P60.

Manila Zoo: crocodile

I'm not sure what this guy is doing with the crocodile but he sure became an instant attraction for the zoo visitors.

To see more pictures of our Manila Zoo visit yesterday, you may go to my Multiply Account.

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