Thursday, March 11, 2010

BlackBerry Curve 8520 | "I want to create or add an email address" option, missing

I have just renewed my subscription plan with SMART yesterday and as a result, I got a free phone - a BlackBerry Curve 8520! It's actually my third free phone from SMART. I'm such a loyal subscriber. hehe!

But I'm having problem setting up my email account. The "I want to create or add an email address" option in the email set up is missing. I need this to set up my gmail account, where I forward my work email account.

I googled for answers why and how to fix it. Apparently, Blackberry Curve 8520 (or is it all BlackBerry devices?) needs to have a data plan to add IMAP email accounts.

At first, I did not avail of the Blackberry Internet Service plan from SMART thinking that IMAP emails will work via wifi connections. I was wrong. I decided then to avail of SMART's Blackberry Unlimited Plan for one month. But that did not change anything at all. The "I want to create or add an email address" is still missing.

I'll be going to SMART Wireless Center tomorrow and have it fixed. Hopefully.

I actually prefer a Palm Pre or iPhone but I don't have the budget for that right now.
I'm currently using a Palm Treo 680. Selling my two smart phones to buy a better one is an option I might consider a month from now.


  1. Hi ,

    recently i also purchased a blackberry 8520 , and facing the same problem.
    "I want to create or add an email address" is missing under email setup wizard.
    you got the issue fixed? if yes please let me know


  2. Yes. You need to activate your device by registering it at your telco's Blackberry Internet Service site. In my case, it's

  3. hey, umm im using starhub and have the same problem...what did you do? you went to SMART?

  4. .` how about using a sun cellular .. how can i activate it back .. mine is also missing T_T

  5. hey im using sun cellular.. i also lost my other option .. what should i do to fix this ? im so confused T_T