Thursday, April 15, 2010

A goodwill from SMART

Looks like I will never run out of problem with SMART.

After solving my SMART's Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) Activation Problem, I'm now faced with ridiculous data charges. From an average of P3,000 monthly bill, my last month's bill ballooned to P6,800!

I subscribed to SMART's unlimited BIS Service (P1200/month) on March 11, 2010 and received confirmation. Thought everything was ok, until I received the bill.

I was charge a regular rate (per kilobytes) and my data charges amounted to P3800! I immediately called *888 to dispute the bill and paid only P3000, pending the resolution.

Today, I received a call from SMART's Customer Representative (8568). I was told that since I wasn't billed P1200 for the unlimited package, those charges are correct and should be settled. If today is April 1, I would have thought that it's just an April fool's joke. But no.

'Just because I wasn't billed despite my confirmed subscription, I will be penalized by paying those charges?', I asked.

Then the customer representative told me that as a sign of good will, they will reverse the charges and will just charge me the P1200 and that it's just a one time deal. This made me really laugh.

They call that goodwill?

It's their mistake in the first place. It is expected that they should correct it.

I'm not asking for goodwill. Just give me the actual bill and I'll pay. Thank you!

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