Monday, May 24, 2010

Trip to Bangkok or iPad?

As early as December last year, I have already booked our flight to Bangkok. We're supposed to stay there from June 18-22 and celebrate Father's Day there like last year in Hong Kong. But that may no longer happen due to current political turmoil in Bangkok.

If our planned trip to Bangkok will not push through, I might just use the extra budget to buy an iPad.


iPad 16GB (wifi) cost only US$ 499 from Apple Store (US) but it is being sold locally for P33,000.

I really want this gadget. It's perfect for my job, especially during my one-on-one presentation with clients. My ASUS K42F notebook is too heavy to always carry around and my ASUS EEE PC is too small for presentations.

Yes, I want this gadget. But I'm not sure if I'm prepared to pay P33,000 for it. Got to find a way to get it for US$499 only. :-)

Whether it's trip to Bangkok or an iPad, this will be both great Father's Day gift from me to myself. :-)


  1. i hope you chose hongkong. hehe

    btw, random bloghopping.
    exhange links? just give me a heads up back at my blog! thanks! :D