Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cagsawa Ruins Park - Legazpi City

Finally, I've been to Cagsawa Ruins Park!

Cagsawa Ruins Park
One of the reasons why I scheduled a Live and Work in Canada seminar in Legazpi City is for me to have the chance to visit Cagsawa Ruins Park. I'm glad I did!

Some information from about Cagsawa Church according to Philippines Historical Committee:

Church of Cagsaua

How to go to Cagsawa Ruins Park

It's my first time in Legaspi City and I just relied from the information I gathered from the net. Common suggestion is to take a public utility jeep to go there. But when we landed in Legazpi Domestic Airport, I've seen a Van for Hire and decided to hire one. After short negotiation, we agreed that for P1,000, we have half day service. I'm not sure if that is expensive but considering our limited time, that wasn't a bad deal. In fact, our plan was to visit Cagsawa Ruins Park only but were able to visit, Daraga Church and Lingnon Hills Park too!

Cagsawa Ruins Photographers

Cagsawa Ruins Park

Once you entered the Cagsawa Ruins Park, be prepared to be greeted by young kids offering their service as a photographer boasting of their secret camera tricks. They are really good!

Cagsawa Ruins Park
That's me, the Giant of Cagsawa. LOL

Cagsawa Ruins Park
The accidental tourists: Rene, Me and Jean

If you are planning to visit Cagsawa Ruins Park, it is best to do it early morning, between 6am-8am. And while in Legaspi, don't forget to try their pinangat!


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  2. i hope to go back to Legazpi :)