Saturday, December 04, 2010

Ugat Pinoy Folk Rock Concert Experience

I went to the UGAT Legends of Pinoy Rock Concert at Araneta Coliseum yesterday night. Alone. I was about to watch the concert with my college friend Chosica but she wasn't able to make it. I have a very few friends who actually love Pinoy classic rock and most of them are now in the province and or busy with work. This is because my generation did not live during the era of Pinoy classic rock. Thus, I ended up watching the concert alone.

asin concert
I started to love Pinoy rock during college days, being active in the student movement. Tibak ako noon. And I seldom know any activist who doesn't love Pinoy Folk Rock music. The thing about Pinoy classic rock songs is that it convey an important message about love, nationalism and protecting the nature. You can't say the same thing for the music of today's generation.

When I was still connected with Mediahub Cafe, I organized an ASIN concert and it was really a blast. I think that was the only time that Mediahub Cafe was full of guests that I have to set up tables even outside the restaurant.

asin concert
With Lolita Carbon - Asin Concert Mediahub Cafe Oct 2004

Ah, I miss by job before as Marketing and Entertainment Manager for Mediahub Cafe. Lots of good memories there.

But I digress. This post is about Ugat Pinoy Folk Rock Concert.

I'll start with the not so good comments. The show started super late. I hate it when things don't start as scheduled or somebody comes late.

Based on my ticket, I was supposed to enter door no. 319. Thurned out that door was closed and we don't know why. There's no message or sign that says it is close and that we're supposed to use different door. We were made to wait for about 30 minutes outside the door after we were allowed to enter the main gate. It was hot and some guests actually ask one of the venue staff if they can just refund their tickets. We ended up like participants of Amazing Race searching for the right door for us.

There's this video presentation about the history of Pinoy Rock music which was cut short due to technical problem.

Can I just say that Ugat organizers suck? But I must say, the show was a blast!

Lolita Carbon and Sampaguita still got the magic. Listening live to Sampaguita sing Sa Diyos Lamang and Lolita Carbon sing Himig ng Pag-ibig was a great treat! I don't see them sing live often.

I've seen Gary Granda and Noel Cabangon perform live during protest rallies and other related events. So I'm not really excited to see them live. But they are nonetheless really good! Gary Granda sang Holdap, Mabuti Pa Sila and Kahit Konti. Noel Cabangon did Kanlungan, Mabuting Pilipino and Umuulan sa Tag-araw, Umaaraw sa Tag-ulan.

I like Heber Bartolome and Banyuhay's prepared line up. They sang Almusal, Nena and Tayo'y Mga Pinoy. If there's one word to describe their set, it's nationalist.

Florante, I learned, is also a good comedian aside from being a great folk singer. He's got good jokes that I heard for the first time. He's really good!

As for Juan Dela Cruz Band, composed of Wally Gonzalez, Mike Hanopol and the legendary Joey Pepe Smith, they brougt the house down with their rock and roll!  You've got to give it to them when it comes to playing guitar.

Got no pictures from yesterday night's UGAT concert, sorry. Try if you want to see concert pictures.

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