Thursday, June 09, 2011

Global Gifting Connection | Gift Giving or Online Business?

Yesterday, a friend from Canada asked me if I'm interested with online business. Because I'm into making money online, I got interested asked for the details. She told me it's actually a gift giving concept and introduced the Global Gifting Connection.

Global Gifting Connection

My friend explained to me the concept. My first impression is that it's one of those Ponzi Scheme. But my friend told me that it's not a pyramiding type of networking. Then again, if it's gift giving, why call it online business? She was quick to tell me that it's only her who call it that way. But the way I see it, most of those who will join look forward to receiving the returns - you give a one-time "gift" of $150 to a stranger and after indefinitite period, you will also receive $150 from 8 strangers. It depends on how fast you can invite other people to do the same. Yes, it involves recruitment, networking.

She gave me a password to access the Global Gifting Connection Website ( and I was able to read few information about the concept. It's a provate group, no officers, no business address etc. If you join, you will then become part of a team and later on will become a team leader. With Global Gifting Connection, there simply is no transparency and accountability. And aside from the fact that you give money to stranger for whatever motive you may have, what have you really accomplished by doing it? If I have extra $150 to give as a gift, I would rather pay it forward. By doing that, I know that I am able to help poor students get an education.

I also searched the net for feedback and found this: Global Gifting Connection Revisited. The author has got problems and regret joining Global Gifting Connection.

Global Gifting Connection, in my opinion, is just one of those get-rich-quick schemes. Pretty much like Francswiss.

I once joined a networking business, First Quadrant, and learned my lessons there. Yes, I made money from First Quadrant but, sadly, some of my downlines never made it and I felt guilty. There simply is no shortcut in getting rich. If it's too good to be true, it probably is.

Global Gifting Connection may be legitimate and all that. But it simply isn't for me.

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