Thursday, February 02, 2012

SMART's Call Charges Reversal

It looks my relationship with SMART won't be over yet. I have just received a confirmation that the bill dispute I filed was alreade processed and approved. That's almost P5,000 reversal on call charges! Woot!

Maayos din naman pala kausap ang SMART! haha!

Last December, I've got a busted SIM Card. It took me more than two weeks to get replacement because, well, they run out of stock. After chasing SMART Wireless Centers in Metro Manila without luck, I was able to get a replacement in Dagupan City! I ask for rebates for the period that I wasn't able to use my phone and was granted.

Prior to that, I enrolled to SMART'S Unlitalk promo. I regularly call my daughter daily and we normally stay on the phone for at least 30 minutes. I also use my phone to get in touch with my clients. I really need that Unlitak service. SMART is supposed to send a notice via SMS to remind subscribers of the expiration, but I didn't receive any. As a result, I was charged for SMART to SMART calls for about two weeks!

That SMART to SMART call charges amounted to several thousands of pesos, which should have been free had I renewed my enrollment. If only I received that promised notice, I could have easily renewed my subscription. And so I complained and filed a bill dispute. I got a 50% rebate from that SMART to SMART call charges. Not bad, if you'll ask me.

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