Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Goodbye, SMART?

Two weeks ago my Smart SIM card suddenly got busted (SIM card error message). It was Dec 23, 2011 when I went to SMART Wireless Center at Mall of Asia to get a SIM replacement but I was told that the type of SIM (HLR 13 Gold) I'm using is out of stock. I was told to check again on Tuesday (Dec 27) and the customer service representative was kind enough to advise me to ask the guard first before I get a waiting ticket so as not to waste time.

So I went back on December 27 but there's still no delivery according to the guard. And worst they're offline. So even if there's a stock, SIM replacement can't be done. I then asked the guard for the contact numbers of Wireless Centers at SM Manila and Robinsons Ermita. He said if I want to get it, I have to get a number, a waiting ticket! I wouldn't wait that long just to get their contact numbers. Geez!

I check Smart's not so smart store locator and there's no contact numbers. So I dialed the crazy *888 to get those numbers and at the same time make a follow up on the bill dispute that I filed a couple of months ago

I availed of the Unlitalk feature but I did not receive a system notification about the expiration. So I was charged few thousands for SMART to SMART calls. I could have easily renewed the Unlitalk feature had I received a notice. It is to their advantage if subscribers will not be reminded. I hope it was just a system failure and not a scheme to deceived subscribers. Just the same, I wont be paying those SMART to SMART calls and will just pay for cost of Unlitalk feauture (P500). But that's just for the unlitalk.

For the data charges, I have a long history of disputing my monthly bill when I was still using Blackberry 8520. @SmartCares is witness to that.

But I digress. Now back to Wireless Center contact numbers. I was able to get those from Smart Hotline (*888) but their phones was just ringing. I really need my line back because most of my clients communicate with me through that number so I decided to visit Robinsons Ermita only to find out they were offline for several days already according to the guard. I then asked if they have stock for HLR 13 Gold. He checked the logbook and according to him, there's enough stock.

The following day, I went back to Robinsons Ermita and was glad to see that they're online. I then get a number and waited for almost two hours. Imagine my delight when my number got finally called. But I almost lost control when I was told that the HLR 13 Gold SIM was out of stock for several days already. I managed to maintain my cool because the customer rep I'm talking to was kind enough to check with SM Manila and Mall of Asia if there's a stock. But there's no stock in SM Manila either. He then gave me the contact number of wireless center in Robinsons Ermita to check the following day if there's delivery. I told him that I already have that and they're not answering their phone anyway. He then promised to call me back the following day, but he did not.

Last Monday, I went back to MOA wireless center. They're offline and there's no delivery. Meanwhile, I will be billed for the monthly service fee (P1800) and the Unlitalk and bandwith on demand I availed last month will be expiring soon without me using it. And worst, there are clients and potential clients who might have been wondering why I am not replying to their SMS and why my line can't be reached always. My Sun Mobile number is just new and not all of my clients know it yet. That may mean lost opportunities, and dissatisfied clients.

I sent DM to their twitter account, sent them email and left message using their contact page but got no reply.

Wait, there was a reply actually. It's a system generated reply telling me that I will be hearing from them within 24 hours. Other than that, nada.

I've been a SMART subscriber for more than a decade now and with a postpaid plan for 7 years alredy if I remeber it right. I actually have two postpaid plans and I also have a SMART Bro account. This is not a smart way of treating your subscribers.

I demand a rebate and immediate resolution on the bill dispute I filed.

I was planning to get iPhone 4S from SMART when I renew my subscription next month, but it looks like I have to consider switching to Globe.


  1. There's a lot to be desired from Telco service in the country. Shifting to Globe postpaid will lead new to another set of concern with regards to service, billing & the like.

    Maybe it is high time to consider going back to prepaid subscription and using multi-sim capable handsets.


  2. The problem with SMART prepaid system is reported rampant "stealing" of load. Another system problem.

    I received a reply from SMART. It looks like it's really the end of my relationship with SMART. They can't provide a SIM replacement for more than two weeks now and like adding insult to injury, my line is now redirected. Not that it makes any difference considering that I haven't been using my smart line for quite a time now, BAD TRIP PA DIN!