Sunday, August 17, 2008

A birthday celebration at home

Sisters of Mary Silang Campus

This used to be my home, I stayed here for four years. I call it paradise, a place wherein everything I need is being provided for free.

swimming pool

These kinds of amenities are usually available only for the rich. But Fr. Al also made it available to students from poor families.

rubberized oval

Yes, that's a rubberized oval and we have a very good athletic program. In 2007, our school won the Milo Olympics team championship for the 19th time in 20 years!

Happy Birthday

August 15 is our birthday and every year, we come back home to celebrate this special day with our family.


They are the lucky ones who are currently enjoying life inside a paradise.


We organize games and fun activities for them as part of our birthday celebration. We bring in candies, chocolates, and other foodies.


And then more. Simple things but enough to make them happy and bring fulfillment for us.


And this is their way of thanking us. Sometimes I wish I'm still one of them, enjoying life in paradise.


  1. At first glance, akala ko Manila Hotel! Fist home ni Apol, hotel? Aba, sosi! hahaha

  2. Wish ko lang, bumalik ako sa pagkabata. Iniisip ko kung ano kaya ako now, kung pinili ko to stay with the sisters. Baka isa na akong madre, siguro di ko nakilala ang husband ko ngayon. But no regrets, I can still serve Him in other ways. Miss you so much SOM!

  3. Wish my alma mater is also this close to its students! I had my best schooling years in high school but I do not have much contact with my batchmates.

  4. hi apol..bumisita lang...

    minsan masarap balikan ang nakaraan... pero minsan may mga nakaraan na mas mabuting di na binabalikan.. ni lingunin, indi na dapat..

    pero itong post mo.. isang nakaraan na mananatili at uulit uliting balikan... :-)

    see u!

  5. Tito R, wish ko lang hotel nga. kaya lang hindi eh. hehe!

    Hala si Anonymous Ate di nagpakilala. :-(

    Nick, kami naman hindi lang batchmates ang nagkikita-kita. malaking bagay yung alumni website namin.

    Salamat sa pagdaan, Reyapot. added you to my links! :-)

  6. i miss my alma mater bonded by the spirit of joy and holy teachings. I would not be what i am now. So i owe my success to Fr. Al and the sisters who mold my talent and personality. Thank you dear alma mater... my gratitude til my last breath...

  7. pasikat ka raman dong!

  8. ....hi, po! tnx ng madami sa mga photos, feeling q tuloy nakapunta uli aq sa SOM.....2003 p kc ung last n punta q eh!!!!!

    .......kakamis talaga!!!!!!

  9. ed!

    magparamdam naman kayo mga 4th batch specially mga st. lawrence