Thursday, August 14, 2008

Looking for billiards game places

My friend Jay and I used to play billiards game at Puyat Sports-Coastal Mall every Saturday night.This went on for more than a year until Puyat Sports ceased their branch operation at Coastal Mall allegedly because of some issues with the mall owner.

We then looked for another place and we ended up playing once in a while at Super Bowl-Makati Cinema Square (MCS). However, we didn't enjoy playing there because it's always crowded with billiards game players, except during Sundays. And another issue I have with the place is that there are players who don't know how to read disregard the 'No Smoking Sign'. Actually, there was even a time when I saw a famous RP Billiards Player puffing his cigarette in a No Smoking area. The attendants don't even care and it appears that the no smoking sign is not applicable to all. I was really disappointed with that player. Malaki na rin pala ang ulo. I hope Bata Reyes is not like him.

This afternoon, we played billiards for the first time at Hobbies of Asia located at Diosdado Macapagal Blvd, Pasay City. Hobbies of Asia Billiards and Bar have 12 brunswick tables covered with simonis cloth. The place is generous in area for the 12 tables. And they charge only P150/hour, cheaper than what they charge at MCS.

According to the attendant, they have a mini tournament every Friday night and it's open for all. I failed to get the details but I'll check it some other time. The only problem I have with the place is that they don't have their own rest room. Although there's a rest room nearby, it would have been better if they have their rest room inside the place.

Now, in the absence of a better alternative, my friend and I will just be playing billiards game at Hobbies of Asia for the mean time.

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