Thursday, December 04, 2008

Paquiao vs Dela Hoya: Video, Bet, and keywords searches

As the Pacquaio vs Dela Hoya scheduled fight on December 6, 2008 gets nearer, I have noticed a trend in the keywords being used by Internet users in searching information about Pacman and Golden Boy.

Here are some the commonly searched keywords I got from my google analytics.

pacquiao vs dela hoya bet
pacquiao vs dela hoya review
bet for pacquiao vs dela hoya
bet on de la hoya pacquiao
bet on pacquiao vs de la hoya

There are over a hundred kweywords combination used but some are just misspelled names like pacquio, pacqiuao and pacquia. Among these keywords used, the most common word used is bet.

There's an anonymous commenter on my other post who is betting P5,000.00 in favor of Dela Hoya. Check his mobile number on my previous post if you are interested. :-) I also think that Dela Hoya will win this fight.

If you looking for free live streaming video, that makes us two. hehe! I'll update this post as soon as I've found one.

Update: Watch Pacquiao - Dela Hoya Match for FREE at, which is known for live video and a great place to broadcast and share video online. There is a great chance that Pacquiao - Dela Hoya Fight Video will be available at MyBoxingFans channel.

Here's another Free Streaming at TechSterr.


  1. Have you found a site yet?... what do you say about and SopCast?

  2. naku Apol, buti na lang hindi ka pumusta, si dela Hoya pala ang bet mo. We drove all the way to LA to watch the match at Tatang Rome's house and we had a lot of fun. It was my first time to watch Pacquiao and yup, he did me proud! :)

  3. Ate Jet, oo nga. Buti na lang di ako pumusta. LOL

    Kita ko yung mga pictures nyo, pinadala ni Batjay sa email. Ang saya-saya nyo sa pics! Punta rin ako dyan minsan. hehe!

  4. Anonymous, thanks for the comment. I watched the fight on :-)

  5. Hi Apol. Just dropping by to say Merry Christmas to you and your family! - Nick, Tina, and Jo-Lo



  7. Well, what can you say now, Pacquiao won. Which should give us more faith in our fighters.
    Try to look for videos on

  8. Happy New Year din sa inyo Kuri and Nick!

  9. Manny Pacquiao didn't win a great fight

  10. hi, there! cute daughter. you look like each other..
    i'm familiar with "apol the great" because I believe u're a very proud student of sms. if i'm not mistaken, u'r active in the alumni. i've been following and updating myself about the sisters of mary. seems like you live your life simply as what the sisters of mary imparted on us.
    i'm really a fan of the school and the way it maintains its humility. i was a student also from batch 7th in sta mesa.

    long live SOM and thanks to Fr. Al for founding such a great school!