Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Discount Cards

It's my lucky day.

I've got two discount cards today - a discount gift card from Western Union and a prescription discount card from Pfizer!

I took a day off today to see a specialist due to frequent muscle spasm in my neck and left shoulder. I was actually thinking of going to Makati Medical Center but decided to got to San Juan de Dios instead because of its proximity to my place.

Before going to San Juan de Dios Hospital, I dropped by a nearby Western Union outlet to say hello to Roche, the cute teller send a couple of million pesos to my mom. To my surprise, I was given discount gift card after my transaction was done.

Discount Cards: Discount gift card from western union
I have until July 9, 2009 to claim my free halo-halo from Chowking

The second discount card I received today came from my doctor. The doctor prescribed Celebrex to ease the pain caused by the muscle spasm in my left shoulder. He gave me this discount card from Pfizer.

discount cards: prescription discount cards from pfizer

I don't have any idea yet how much I'll save with this prescription discount card but just the same, I'm going to use it later when I go to the drug store.

During these tough economic times, discount cards such as discount gift cards, prescription discount cards, merchant discount cards, discount gas cards and the likes are of course welcomed by most of the consumers. I do.

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