Thursday, July 16, 2009

How to increase your adsense income

If you are looking for ways on how to increase adsense income, this video presentation from Google Adsense Team will be of great help.

Simply put, here are the 5 steps to increase your adsense income from Inside Adsense Blog:

Step 1: Analyze your webpages - Identify where your visitors would likely be focused and place your ads there.

Step 2: Set up custom channels - Use the custom channel to know which ads are performing well.

Step 3: Optimize your ad unit design and placement - Medium rectangle works best. Use colors effectively. Blend ads in, but not too much that users don't see them.

Step 4: Maximize revenue from multiple units - Google Adsense team recommends it. But based on my experience, the more ads I have on a page, the lower the cost per click was. So try experimenting, too.

Step 5: Track and measure results - Of course, try to understand whether your optimizations have made a difference. Implement what works best for you.

Now, having an optimized adsense ads would mean nothing if you don't have the traffic. I'm not earning that much from Adsense. The highest I've earned in a day is just US 20.07. That was yesterday.

How to increase your adsense income

So how do I get traffic to my blog? This Guerilla Blogger E-Book is the trick.

I am no Adsense Guru, this How to increase adsense income entry is just to share my experience especially for those who are just starting to make money with adsense.

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