Monday, September 28, 2009

Car Insurance Policy | Act of God

If your car insurance policy is just a normal comprehensive insurance type, it doesn't normally include what they call Act of God provision.

While monitoring the rescue and relief operation updates through twitter, I read the following updates from @ANCALERTS about car insurance policy relating to the damages caused by flood due to to typhoon Ondoy.

Generali Pilipinas SVP & Chief Marketing Officer Melvin Esteban,RFP shared the following information/tips:

Car insurance policy and Act of God

- If you just get normal comprehensive insurance, it doesn't include what they call "act of God".

- If policy has "act of God" or "act of nature", whatever is damaged by this flood will be covered.

- The "act of God" clause costs 400-500 pesos per year.

How to file insurance claims for flood-damaged cars

- Insurance companies are very reasonable. It is more of extra validation, as in the right person and the right car.

- If you did apply to this "act of God" clause,the next step is to secure your property and to tell your insurance company

- If you have an "act of God" clause, even cleaning expenses (i.e. for house filled with mud) will be covered.

- Submit an affidavit (narrate events) because the company also has to know what happened.

- Photographs are very important in securing your insurance.

- If your car was washed away by floods, and then you found it with some parts missing,it is not theft,it is still "act of God".

Where to call for information about your car insurance policy?

  • Generali Pilipinas hotlines 8120699 Or 8135774

  • Malayan Insurance Is Operational. For typhoon/flood insurance claims call 843-8080 Or 818-5211

  • Prudential Guarantee policy holders affected by Typhoon Ondoy can call their hotline 8104916 To 335

  • Do you have a flood-damage car caused by typhoon ondoy? Did you get a car insurance policy with Act of God inclusion?

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