Friday, September 25, 2009

Not an early campaign?

Noynoy and Mar who is being projected by those around them as the bearer of change is currently in Mindanao for a 3-day trip. Nereus Acosta, LP vice-president for Mindanao, is quick to clarify that they are not embarking on early campaign.

He said the tandem went to Mindanao on invitation of local government officials and members of different citizen movements, led by former Davao del Norte vice governor Anthony Rafael del Rosario.

“Hindi ito (This is not) campaigning in the strictest sense. Ito ay mga paglulunsad iba’t ibang movements. (This trip is for the launching of various movements.) This is really a people-powered initiative," he said.[Source]

Yeah, right. But how do you explain this:

In a phone interview on Friday, LP secretary-general and campaign manager Florencio “Butch" Abad said this was the first time Aquino and Roxas visited an area together since they formally declared their intent to run in 2010. "The party is doing it from the south," Abad said.

“Matagal na kami sa Luzon and Metro Manila. Maganda naman siguro na pakinggan naman ang mga kababayan natin dito sa Mindanao (We have long been in Luzon and Metro Manila. Maybe it would be good if we listen to our fellow Filipinos here in Mindanao)," he added. [Source]

If that is not an early campaign, I don't know what is.

And you guys say you will bring change? Wow.

When asked why I am not inclined to vote Noynoy for president, my quick answer is that, aside from the Hacienda Luisita issue, I haven't seen any platform yet. Too early to conclude.

There are many like me who hates GMA and anything that has something to do with her, but is not really convinced that Noynoy will be better. If you want to win our votes, please try to show that you are indeed different.

But it looks like the Philippines 2010 Election will not be any different from past elections. It will be just be business as usual for the trapos.

I guess I just have to continue looking for Eddie Gil. It's time to Gil the nation!

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